Our Team

Our team is a mosaic of talent and expertise. At its helm, our senior directors bring a comprehensive strategic vision, combining years of experience in the field of communication with a deep understanding of market challenges.

Our senior consultants, with their wealth of experience, play a key role in crafting customized strategies for our clients while mentoring and guiding our junior consultants. The latter bring fresh energy and a new perspective, nourishing our creativity and agility.
Patricia Goldman

Patricia Goldman, Ceo

Patricia Goldman is the agency’s founder. She provides personalized advice to top executives and influencers and initiates regular influence meetings on a daily basis. She is a valuable resource for the media.

Stéphane Bondoux

Stéphane Bondoux, Senior Director

Stéphane has spent 20 years working in companies of various sizes, including France Télévisions, where he served as Group Communications Director. He has developed cross-functional skills that combine strategy, creativity, and a solid knowledge of the media. Through his connexions and experiences, he has gained a dual expertise: 360° communication and a sense of storytelling that reinforces companies’ DNA through impactful communication actions.

Valentine Fabry

Valentine Fabry, Senior Director

A specialist in corporate communication, brand narrative construction, and press relations, Valentine has been supporting major groups and public institutions on external communication and influence issues for many years.

Lucie Daudigny

Lucie Daudigny, Senior Consultant

With experience in corporate agencies, Lucie assists companies and their leaders in imagining and implementing their communication strategies. Her years spent with brands and decision-makers, as well as her interactions with newsrooms, give her an understanding of press issues and a solid network of journalists. Experienced in complex topics, Lucie is engaged and tenacious in generating media interest.

Marie Echaniz

Marie Echaniz, Junior Consultant

Agratuate in Public Affairs, Marie began her career in the United States in the communication services of the Alliance Française of San Francisco and the Consulate General of France in New York, where she was involved in organizing major institutional events. She later developed her expertise in influence communication within a public affairs firm, representing the interests of major groups, and as a press attaché for the Pièces Jaunes campaign.

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Juliette Guémas, Junior Consultant

With a master’s degree in «Media and Globalization» from the IFP, Juliette monitors French and international media on a daily basis. Curious and detail-oriented, she keeps an eye on societal issues to identify new opportunities for executives. Juliette alerts and activates the necessary tools to respond quickly in crisis situations. She ensures the gathering of sector-specific information as well as client-related news.

Simon Labouyrie

Simon Labouyrie, Senior Consultant

Simon has worked as an advisor in ministries, parliament, and local government. His pedagogical skills have also allowed him to guive courses in public relations. He supports key players in the tech industry, mobility, and the cultural sectors. Curious and attuned to new trends, he enjoys proposing different communication opportunities and taking on new challenges. Action-oriented, he is a valuable ally for crisis management.

Yann Miran

Yann Miran, Senior Consultant

With a degree in Corporate Communications & Change Management and a Master’s in International Business Affairs, Yann has supported local authorities in their communication strategies. He specializes in crisis management and influence strategies. He is responsible for the energy, education, and new technologies sectors. He loves challenging and stimulating executives to prepare them for their public appearances.

Chrystelle Tchatat

Chrystelle Tchatat, Senior Consultant

With a master's degree in Communications and Advertising, Chrystelle possesses dual experience both on the agency side and as an advertiser. Over the past 15 years, she has worked with 'key account' clients across diverse sectors such as agri-food, health, tech, distribution, automotive, and more. Chrystelle has a profound understanding of media ecosystems and demonstrates agility in adapting these corporate communication strategies to digital channels.

Imane Sadni Jallab

Imane Sadni Jallab, Social media consultant

With an MBA in Web Business, Imane brings her digital expertise to major brands and executives. Passionate about social media, she closely monitors the web for trends and leverages her diverse experience, from tourism to luxury, to offer creativity and content management to the agency’s clients.

Virginie Legay

Virginie Legay, Office Manager

Virginie has been supporting Patricia Goldman in her various roles as an executive assistant for over twenty years. Versatile, she also uses her logistics and interpersonal expertise to support the agency’s event activities.

Anne-Marie Prerra

Anne-Marie Prerra, Assistant

Anne-Marie has been an assistant at Patricia Goldman Communication for fifteen years, supporting team members with organizational and administrative tasks, as well as the implementation of public relations strategies.

Patricia Goldman

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