Press relation

Creating communication tools

This is one of the strengths of our agency.

Once we have devised a communication strategy together, we implement all the communication products, adapted to your needs and your message: creation of media directories, informal meetings with journalists, organization of press conferences, follow-up from interviews and television appearances, setting up live video links, tailored media training, writing press releases, designing media kits, delivery of prestigious and influencer events.
Our teams, strong in their knowledge of the media, will assist you and advise you throughout your media journey to galvanize your communication and visibility.

Content Creation

We make sure all types of content are created so as to optimize your communication, notably through journalists and opinion leaders.

  • Formatting
  • Writing and sending targeted newsletters
  • Creating and maintaining your company blog
  • Composing opinion columns, analyses and relevant points of view
  • Conception and creation of videos to match your digital strategy

Our consultants oversee the whole process so we can tell your very own story and depict your actions on a daily basis.

Media training

Speaking in public or in the media requires essential preparations.

We assist managers so they can deliver their message as effectively as possible during interviews. During preparations beforehand, we participate in writing an impactful and targeted message. Following this stage, we set up a role-play in realistic conditions during media training sessions, with experts, notably for filmed interviews. We are always on hand to assist our clients when they are asked to give interviews in the media or during public speaking (seminars, conventions, etc.).

Monitoring relationships with journalists

Communication requires team work and trust. Our consultants are always available to provide advice, intensify and adapt your message.

We assist you during different meetings with journalists, columnists, or on a broader scale, informal meetings with editors. Preparing interviews, media training, adapting the message to different media, our consultants will advise you on adjusting your public speaking, whether it be for print or a television interview. Our strategy also focuses on reviewing the media impact of your brand and actions, in order to further refine your communication strategy. A distinction in quality which helps to establish a very close and lasting relationship.