image and media influence
  • Virginie Legay

    Virginie has worked closely with Patricia Goldman as executive assistant for more than fifteen years. Versatile, she also provides logistical and relational expertise for the agency’s event planning activity.

  • Anne-Marie Prerra

    Assistant at Patricia Goldman Communication for a decade now, Anne-Marie assists team members with organizational and office tasks as well as implementing public relations strategies.

  • Valentine Fabry

    Specialist in corporate communications and branding, Valentine assists large companies and public institutions with external communication issues

  • Xavier Boudry

    Publishing, music, exhibitions, fine dining...  Expert of feminine and lifestyle media, Xavier defines media relations strategies for the agency’s culture and lifestyle clients. 

  • Christine Amella

    Passionate about issues related to the digital transformation as well as major shifts in economic trends, Christine specializes in strategy consulting for IT firms, investment funds, business angels and start-ups.

  • Katinka Nagy

    Whether on a small or big screen, Katinka never disconnects. She plays a key role in external communication plans, designing and implementing digital strategies for social media.

  • Ursula Luzolo

    Always on the lookout for new ideas, Ursula scrutinizes the press and the web for tomorrow’s trends. She leverages this knowledge to communicate about the brands and products she is responsible for.

  • Pascale Diabaté
    Pascale Diabaté

    The agency’s eyes and ears, Pascale observes behaviors, the public opinion, and synthesizes trends to help us create communication plans for our clients that are strategically focused and modern.