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30 Jun 2016

KissKissBankBank go into partnership with Amazon

During the 2016 edition of Viva Technology, Amazon launched AMAZON LAUNCHPAD in France : this plateform enables the online release of crowdfunding products according to new criterions. This enables the projects that are financed on KissKissBankBank to put on sale their products in a far more accessible way. With this partnership, KissKissBankBank carries on promoting the creativity and innovation spirit.

Large companies
23 Jun 2016

Webhelp pursues its development

The customer experience outsourcing european leader group has just acquired GoExcellent, the customer relations scandinavian giant group (Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark). This transaction, that aims to end in august, will enable Webhelp to propose services in four new languages and to pursue its geographic expansion.

Large companies
22 Jun 2016

Nexity : real estate services to individuals exclusive barometer

Frédéric Verdavaine, real estate services to individuals delegate director, launches for the second time the co-ownership trustee and rental management landmark letter. This publication, only published to this date by Nexity, is the occasion to come back to the french real estate evolution with full transparency.

17 Jun 2016

Marianne : a Brexit special edition

Marianne publish an exceptional edition dedicated to the Brexit : review of the british inner oppositions, analysis of the british political, cultural and social overview, with the comments of the special editor board guest, Ken Loach.
In the newsstands from june 17 to june 30

14 Jun 2016

Exceptional Daniel Harding show

As the new Orchestre de Paris conductor, the young Daniel Harding prepares a version of the 4th Symphony of Mahler, with the soprano Christina Landshamer, under the Louvre Pyramide for the Musical Festival on June 21st.
Begining hours to come for this exceptional free show… stay tunned !

Large companies
11 May 2016

Twitter blow his 10 candles

After 10 years of existence and three years spent in France, Twitter inaugurated its new offices (rue Scribe – 75009 Paris) on Wenesday, 11th May 2016.

On this occasion a Round Table took place, organized with the help of Twitter CEO and the founder Jack Dorsay, surrounded by major French players of economy.

10 May 2016

Marc Simoncini launches his racing bike

The businessman launches the bike Héroïn, an outstanding product who unites performance and style. With its 349 copies only, Heroïn is designed to offer a unique experience to the bike lovers.

Large companies
09 May 2016

Frédéric Jousset new “Beaux Arts Magazine” owner

True to his commitment as a businessman and a huge art sponsor, Frédéric Jousset, Webhelp group co-founder and Musée du Louvre « fonds de dotation Jousset pour les publics empêchés » creator, buys « Beaux Arts Magazine » and becomes president of the group. His purpose : spred the audience of the monthly, leader and referent in the culture world.

Large companies
09 May 2016

Opening of the exhibition Givenchy Le Makeup at the DS World Paris

DS World opened its doors to Givenchy, in the heart of Paris (Paris 75008), for an exceptional partnership that united thoses two emblematic french luxury brands. 

Coming soon : an unprecedented residence about history of the DS Brand and Michel Vaillant (the comic), with the exclusive preview of the next tome, « Renaissance ». 

From 10th June to 3d September 2016

08 Apr 2016

“Elle” Active, how will women work in the future ?

The 8th and 9th of april 2016, at the Economic Social and Environmental Council, « Elle » went on its commitment in gender equality at work with meetings and debates, in the presence of Axelle Lemaire and Valérie Pécresse. Forums and working groups were there too, to understand better the women professional future.

21 Mar 2016

LeCab and Keolis go into partnership to develop the indivudal transport

With a commercial and capitalistic partnership, LeCab and Keolis come with new purposes : the french leading company in private driver service (VTC) will use the Keolis national implantation to grow out of Île-de-France ; Keolis on its side will improve its multimodal supply.

Together, using their services digitalization, the two firms want to develop new individual mobility solutions.